Caring for our linen is simple.

Machine wash with like colors in lukewarm water (40°C/ 104°F) on a gentle cycle with mild detergent used for delicate fabrics. We prefer fragrance free. Please DO NOT use bleach, any type of whitener or a detergent with multiple additives such as optical brighteners.

Our linen comes to you pre-washed, so you are able to use the tumble dry low setting when drying. Yes, it will wrinkle! But you may remove your linen while damp and air-dry it to minimize wrinkling and shrinkage. Remember, high heat WILL shrink your napkins.

The paint used is non-toxic and various colors may produce rougher areas, which will soften with multiple washes. You will experience some fading over time.

To remove wrinkles, iron on the linen setting with the painted side down. Your napkins can also be dry cleaned. This will result in a wrinkle free surface!

Embrace the Wrinkle!

Our linen napkins come to us enzyme washed which gives them a slight vintage rumple. We test every paint and ink in various washing conditions and are confident that care for our linens is simple and easy. Our hand-painted napkins do not fade noticeably after the first few washes, but we do find that the colors soften naturally over time, which we consider to be part of their charm.

Once you order your napkins, wrinkling is likely to occur in transit from us to you. Natural linen has a personality that’s guaranteed to wrinkle, crumple, and crease. Embrace it! We consider it to be part of the natural charm and character that comes with owning handmade linen products. We suggest pulling your linen napkins out of the dryer while still damp and laying them flat to get that soft and casually wrinkled, but purposeful, feel.

If wrinkles really aren’t your thing, you can create a crisper look by ironing or dry cleaning your napkins. Always iron on the wrong side of the napkin, never directly on the hand-painted side. If you pull your napkins out of the washer while they are still damp, it will make ironing them much easier!


Our Lunch Bunches have been pre-washed. We recommend machine washing in lukewarm water (40°C/104°F) with mild detergent that has no optical additives. Tumble dry low.

Our Indian Hand Block Napkins are made in India from 100% cotton poplin. The ink is certified eco-friendly and colorfast. Machine wash them in lukewarm water (40°C/104°F) with a mild detergent that has no optical additives. Tumble dry low.