Small Works


My name is Sandra Constantine artist, designer and founder of James C. Butterfly.

As I travel my artistic journey there are moments and times when I am imagining, dreaming, doodling, experimenting and searching. There is always the curiosity of materials, processes and disciplines. Those times as well as others result in the creation of many small works. You may have seen some of this work on my Instagram feeds @sandconstantine or @jamescbutterfly.

As I reflect on the months that have passed and navigate my days in this ever evolving world, I feel blessed. At the same time I see those that are in need and more vulnerable. So what to do? Sell small works! A small gesture done with love.

Enable people to gift an original piece of art, at affordable prices and at the same time benefit those that are in need. As 50% of the purchase price will be donated to Sidewalk Samaritan. 

Sidewalk Samaritan is an NYC based nonprofit organization that directly provides essential items to the homeless while also encouraging others to support their local communities in need. 

Thank you for considering the purchase of an original work of art to help those in need during these challenging times. Free Shipping on all orders.

With wishes for a holiday season filled with love,

Sandra & James